Scalable silicon photonics ... fast!

At Australian Silicon Photonics, we believe in an amazing future world, with self-driving cars and virtual reality. But data centers already consume 3% of the world's energy - the same amount as the entire United Kingdom - and this is growing exponentially. To enable this amazing future without cooking the planet, today's energy-hungry electronic communication links between and within computer chips must be replaced by low-energy fiber-optic links. This is the promise of silicon photonics, and we're making it real. Click on these links to learn more about:

Our software simulation suite, REME, that gives silicon photonics designers the tools they need.

Our rapid prototyping service, that puts your designs in your hands, quickly.

And our products: key building blocks that help silicon photonics designers marry high-capacity optical links with electronic processing, to deliver 100x today's computing power with 10x less energy.

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